12 Shocking Employee Rewards Program Statistics


Employees want to be rewarded for their hard work. Period. And this doesn’t mean receiving a salary, which is the normal expectation of any job, neither does it mean receiving cash incentives.

In a previous article found here, we explained why, according to science, employees prefer tangible non-cash incentives and rewards.

That’s why more and more organizations are investing in employee rewards programs to better engage and recognize their employees.

Here are 12 shocking employee rewards program stats!

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12 Shocking Employee Rewards Program Statistics

  • Almost 90% of organizations have some type of formal rewards and recognition program in place. (The Conference Board of Canada)
  • Companies using incentive programs report a 79% success rate in achieving their established goals when the correct reward is offered. (ThinkSmart)

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  • In 2015, almost 80% of incentive programs met the proper expectations. (GiftCardPartners)
  • 65% of employees prefer non-cash incentives. (Incentive Marketing Association)
  • 88% of employees agree it’s important that employers reward employees for great work. (AttaCoin)
  • 41% of employees say their employers effectively reward employees for their great work. (AttaCoin)
  • 90% of employees who work in organizations with effective rewards programs agreed with the statement “my work makes a difference”. (AttaCoin)
  • 47% of employees want to receive rewards spontaneously. (Xexec)
  • 38% of employees want to receive rewards in exchange for good work. (Xexec)
  • Over 65 % of employees surveyed strongly agree that both travel and merchandise awards are remembered longer than cash payments. (strategicincentives)
  • Only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition. (Globoforce)
  • Only 37 % of organizations agree that their rewards programs consider multiple generations in the workforce. (The Conference Board of Canada)