The 2019 HR Tech Summit Only 14 Days Away!


Toronto’s HR Tech Summit is now only 14 days away (June 18th & 19th), that’s two weeks. Along with that, Applauz Recognition still has 5 VIP tickets to give people who want to come and join them at the show. As mentioned previously, this year’s show is all about technology and Employee Engagement, and specifically how technology can advance Employee Engagement along with how vital Engagement strategies are for business success.

Applauz Offering Free Entrance

Applauz is changing the way Employee Engagement affects the SMB market. With roughly 97.9% of all businesses in Canada being of SMBs and almost all companies that are offering Engagement solutions catering to large enterprises, Applauz took a step back, evaluated the market, and using their experience focused on providing innovative, and fully developed Engagement software to the SMB community. If you’re interested in visiting them to learn about their software, those remaining 5 VIP tickets, holding a value of $824.90 each, are being offered for free.

Employee Engagement and Analytics

This year’s HR Tech Summit will be touching upon the most pressing matters facing the modern day workforce. Namely, using technology to accommodate HR professionals, the importance of employee engagement, how technology fits into corporate cultures, and one of the most important factors that all businesses need: an understanding on how data analytics can help drive business performance and profitability. Which takes place on day 2 of the trade show.

If you would like one of their free VIP tickets, there is only 1 day left to contact Applauz and let them know if you’re interested in showing up to the event. Beyond learning about how their technology can help SMBs greatly increase their employee engagement and retention, reduce your churn rate, and attrition, there is so much more to be learned from this year’s summit. Be sure to contact them today to not lose out on the chance to visit HR Tech Summit 2019 for free and learn everything you need to ensure your business succeeds moving forward.

Some of Day 2’s Keynote Speakers

Along with the scheduled list of conferences on day 1 mentioned previously, some of the keynote speakers we’re looking forward to seeing are:

9:00 am – Opening Keynote – Will technology Change your Corporate Culture presented by Carolyn Byer

9:30 am – Collecting Data Analytics To Report Back To The Business And Drive Performance presented by Erica Naccarato

11:05 am – Unifying Engagement And Performance To Drive Action presented by Lauren Guilbeaux

In truth, all the speakers are extremely interesting this year. It will be up to you to pick and choose which ones to sit in on and listen to. We can guarantee that no matter which keynotes you choose to listen to, you will come away with a wealth of knowledge.