Applauz Helps Keep Teams Motivated


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They feel that their products and services are a great fit with Engagement Trends‘ philosophies…and we agree.

Imagine a world where your work is appreciated. A world where your behaviour and positivity gets you a little recognition. A world where relevant and personalized feedback can be given and received between colleagues.

This world should be the norm–no matter what you’ve chosen to do for a living. Unfortunately, it seems like there is often a disconnect between what we know to be the best course of action and what we actually put into practice.

Peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most important forms of appreciation when it comes to the workplace. We are all working in teams. Receiving a pat on the back or hearing that you’re doing a good job from a person you like and respect can really make a difference. It can turn a dismal day into a happy and productive one.

Do you believe in the importance of daily appreciation? Because we’re always happy to share tools that will help our readers in their everyday life at work, we want to share an excellent way to start building an excellent workplace.

There are multiple options on the market that allow companies to initiate peer-to-peer recognition. We feel that it’s important to share an option that doesn’t cost anything. Yes, Applauz is free!

No need for expensive and complicated software. Applauz was designed to make it quick and easy to start a customized recognition program for businesses.

But what is Applauz, exactly?
For that, we’re going to ask the makers of the program to fill us in:

How does Applauz work?

Creating an Applauz account is always free for up to 10 employees. Once you’ve signed up, you can start adding employees to your recognition program. Everyone you include in the program receives an email message containing their newly-created Applauz credentials.

What can teams do with their points?

Applauz points are a simple way to award an individual or a team with a virtual pat on the back. If your company wants their Applauz points to have the possibility of being transformed into redeemable, tangible rewards, we can help with that part too! Our catalogue has over 300 popular brands–everyone will be able to find something that they would love to get as a reward.

Why is it free for up to 10 participants?

When we realized how effective a points-based recognition program could be, and how much the people in our company could benefit from it, we decided to create one for ourselves. Since it has been so successful, we’re releasing Applauz into the world with the hope that it will be as integral to others as it is has been to us. It’s a total game-changer, and with up to 10 employees, you can easily master this great engagement program!


Do you think it’s time to spice things up at the office? Have a discussion with the people in charge and suggest that your company start using Applauz.