Evolve As A Manager & Become A Good Leader


Efficient management is essential to the growth of any business, regardless of size or segment. This management should, therefore, cover a number of technical, administrative and behavioral aspects. In this sense, strong and inspiring leadership is crucial to the motivation and productivity levels of the teams.

As such, leaders have gained strategic importance within small, medium and large companies. After all, the manager is primarily responsible for good corporate results, leading their people to extraordinary performance.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in continuous learning and also in various practices related to people management. Only then can leaders gain the trust, respect, and admiration of employees.

These changes directly impact turnover, satisfaction, and engagement rates. So, to be a good leader, it is essential to adopt attitudes that contribute to a healthier and more aggregating organizational climate. At Zoe Talent Solutions you can know more information about the quality of a manager and leader in business management.

Check out some leadership lessons now:

Meet The Team

The leader needs to know each member of his team, identifying talents, vocations, preferences, ambitions, and weaknesses. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on dialogue and proximity, with the intention of listening, learning and teaching. This makes it easier to tighten ties and strengthen relationships.

And with this broader view, you can properly delegate, establishing roles, prepare successors, and plan specific training — with the intention of enhancing everyone’s performance.

Invest In The Development Of Each Professional

Empowerment should be among the priorities of a good leader. But to design an effective training program, you need to analyze the real needs of the company as well as the characteristics of all professionals.

Knowing their followers, the manager must prepare individual development plans to enhance core skills. Thus it is possible to achieve high performance.

Leaders also need to encourage other forms of learning – sharing business-relevant news and articles, organizing study groups, setting up cross-functional teams, providing feedback and providing new experiences for their leaders.

Lead By Example

The best way to lead a team by example. Thus, the leader must be consistent, fair, impartial and committed to the company’s objectives. In addition, it is also up to the manager to comply with corporate policies and rules of conduct, demonstrating ethics and firmness of purpose. By doing so, he influences and encourages his employees to take a similar stance.

Delegate Responsibility And Authority

Delegation is a basic item of people management, contributing greatly to the development and maturity of employees. Therefore, it is necessary to delegate responsibilities and authority, so that everyone can perfect important skills and acquire new experiences.

However, the delegation should consider the function performed and the seniority of the professionals. But the good leader also oversees, guides, and supports the accomplishment of tasks so that the goals are met.

At the same time, this manager can abandon micromanagement and, consequently, can devote himself to more relevant activities for the company.

Be Available To The Team

A good leader should be available to his team, answering questions and helping to solve problems. Therefore, it is necessary to be present, actively participating in the day to day work of employees.

Remember that when there are barriers that prevent or hinder access to the leader, the team automatically moves away – which affects motivation levels. So it’s important to be open-minded, make decisions quickly, and answer all the questions raised by employees.

Another mandatory behavioral competency for leaders is the ability to listen with attention and empathy. One must be able to understand the demands, longings, and dissatisfaction, then offer truly valid solutions.

Ensure Proper Working Conditions

It is also necessary to ensure adequate conditions for all. In this case, it is essential to pay attention to the concepts of ergonomics, health, and safety provided for in labor legislation.

In addition, it is mandatory to ensure that equipment, facilities, and infrastructure are compatible with the activities to be performed. It is also important to rely on new technologies – such as management software, operating systems, applications, and mobile devices. Thus, it is possible to achieve more agility and efficiency.

Manage Conflicts

The ability to manage conflict is part of the good leader’s profile. To be a mediator and conciliator, it is essential to count as emotional balance, interpersonal communication, persuasion, negotiation, neutrality and the ability to avoid prejudice. These qualities are essential for reaching consensus and agreements between professionals and teams.

The leader must also ensure equal opportunities and meritocracy, avoiding unequal division of tasks, overloading, and exaggerated pressures. At the same time, toxic behaviors that are usually associated with prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance need to be eliminated.

Motivate Employees

A leader’s primary mission is to motivate his employees. However, it must be remembered that each individual is motivated by different factors and that these variables are linked to the personal values, beliefs and lifetime of the professional.

This is why it is important to improve human capital management including compensation policies, flexible benefits, career planning, learning opportunities, and of course, humanized and competent leadership.

It should also be noted that recognition is one of the pillars of motivation. Thus, it is necessary to value the good performance and celebrate the delivery of projects, the increase in sales volume, the exceeding of the goals and the closing of new contracts.

But it is necessary to measure the motivation indices among the teams and, thus, the organizational climate research becomes an important tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the practices implemented by the company. Through the answers given by the employees, it is possible to locate the management failures and then provide the necessary corrections and adjustments.

By following these tips, you can become a good leader. However, it is also important to invest in self-development and, in this case, coaching can be an excellent ally of managers seeking improvement and professional growth.