Celebrate your Successes


You congratulate your friends and family when the accomplish what they set out to do, don’t you? You pat your colleagues on the back when they overcome their latest hurdle? So why are you neglecting to celebrate your own successes? Maybe it’s time you give it a try. There are easy ways to congratulate yourself that you can work into your schedule—no matter how busy a person you are.

Even little successes should be celebrated, their size and magnitude should not automatically disqualify them from consideration. Recognizing and acknowledging the good things you do in a positive way is a powerful motivator which can propel you forward to bigger and greater successes in the future.  

Marking your milestones will have you reflecting on the fact that a project has been completed. You’re basically giving yourself the positive reinforcement you need to stay motivated and put yourself into a “success mindset”.

And who doesn’t want to be successful?   

Salute Yourself

Praise should not only come from your peers and colleagues. Congratulate yourself when you feel you’ve done well. Since you’re probably the only person you know who has a clear picture of your current time constraints, needs, and wants, it makes you the best person to pay homage to the great things you do that may go unnoticed.

Keeping Notes

Adding a sticker and/or highlighting a note in your planner or daybook on the day that the task or project was completed is a simple way to take note of your successes. True, this action may seem juvenile, silly, or clichéd, but the more you perform this small action, the more you will notice them adding up over time. This task can also be done by simply keeping a file on your computer with dates and the relevant information.

At the end of the quarter, half-year, or year, you can look through your document and see how your small goals are all part of a larger whole. Some people even do monthly productivity reports to see how much they get done, and at what pace. You should be able to see a progression in your being able to articulate what you’ve accomplished, as well as the building of the skill set with which you tackle each new project.

With this method, you’re turning a micro vision into a macro vision. You are collecting data about yourself and with it, you can see how much you are able to accomplish. This data will be useful to you if you get stuck on a future project. You can revisit your notes to see what you did the last time you were in a similar situation.

Fête with Family & Friends

If you are the type of person that prefers to celebrate things with friends and family, then maybe that’s the best course of action for you. Going out for dinner or drinks is a fantastic way to relax and tell your besties why the project you just completed meant a lot to you, and what it will do for your future.

Carouse with Colleagues

If your project was work-related, and other people were working on it with you, chances are that they might feel a similar need to celebrate. It’s common practice for businesses to celebrate milestones as an organization, but if they fail to do so you might want to ask some of your colleagues out for a night on the town and host your own gathering of greatness. It can bring you closer to your colleagues, tighten your circle, as well as inspire those around you.

Small Gift, Big Impact

If you find yourself without the time to go out and whoop it up, or if it’s simply not your style, you might consider buying yourself a present to mark the occasion. It could be that book you were eyeing the other day on Amazon, or the new pair of shoes you wanted from the boutique down the street, or how about that shiny new gadget you saw and lusted over at your local big box retailer? If it makes you happy and helps commemorate your win, then maybe you should treat yourself.

The important part is to recognize that the success you achieved with a tangible “feel good” action. It’s not the actual present that matters, it’s why you decided to buy it for yourself in the first place that really counts.


If you feel like the whole celebrating thing is not for you, there are other things—quiet, solitary things that you can do. After all, not all celebrations have to be parties! If spending a weekend on the couch with a good book or binge watching a favourite TV series is what it takes to get you feeling good, then allow yourself that time to unwind and gear up to get going again.

Saying “Thank You”

Another thing you might do as a project comes to a close is thank those around you—whether they were involved or not. If you had an important work project that has been taking up a large amount of your spare time, you might thank your life partner if, for example, they have been cooking all of the meals, or if they’ve simply let you have the time you need to do what you needed to do.

Remember, the people that support you definitely want the best for you, and these moments are perfect for letting them know how appreciative you are. ■