Employee Engagement, HR Tech’s 2019 Theme!

Employee Engagement HR Tech

The HR Tech Summit is less than a month away, and with it, comes a whole set of new initiatives, ideas, and connections to be discovered. The one thing that is sure to be on most HR professionals’ mindsets will be Employee Engagement. Over the last few years, Employee Engagement has fast become one of the most sought after ideals all employers are seeking. As was mentioned in a previous article, Top 5 Things HR Can Do to Improve Employee Engagement, HR professionals have become some of the front runners to champion Engagement, whether by choice or not.

List of Conferences Focused on Employee Engagement

The first few scheduled keynote speakers and their topics are indicative of just how much Employee Engagement is at the forefront of people’s minds within the HR industry:

The presentations mentioned above are only some of the presentations being given, but they all tie back in with servicing your employees first and foremost either with technology or implementing the proper systems in order to get engagement off the ground.

Engaging Employees Extends Far Beyond Tools

Employee Engagement is more than simply about purchasing a tool, implementing it, and magically expecting employees to become engaged. The tools are exactly that, supplemental technology or programs, which can help an organization’s engagement issues so long as what’s implemented is accompanied by a proper initiative, run by people, in order to really get engagement off the ground. No matter the tech, it always comes back down to people.

Applauz Recognition: Employee Engagement for SMBs Employee Engagement Applauz Recognition

One of the companies visiting the HR Tech this year will be Applauz Recognition. They are an award-winning Employee Engagement company offering software specifically for the SMB community. Again, while this platform offers a multitude of tools and services, their employee engagement specialists, Jean-Francois Paquin and Philip Parenteau who will be at the show, or any of their engagement specialists can help you with any programs or people-run initiatives to help get your Engagement Strategy off the ground.

The most important takeaway from Employee Engagement should be this: the money spent on your engagement initiatives are all investments, not expenses. If handled properly, your ROI will vastly outdo whatever you may have spent. This study by Gallup outlining exactly how Employee Engagement Drives Growth, explains everything perfectly. The growth is exponential if the proper initiatives are put in place and followed through with.