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How Workplace Engagement Can Fail and How To Fix It.

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At Engagement Trends, our “raison-d’etre” is aimed specifically at making Employees the focus of all businesses. While this may seem altruistic in nature, it’s more than simply for the betterment of the lives of Employees, but also to show businesses the kind of value they can garner from treating their Employees well. We speak from the experiences that we’ve seen work and fail. Below, you’ll read about one such situation that a member of our staff experienced at a company they worked for previously.

One of the largest problems companies face is the belief that they are actually very forward-thinking when it comes to Employee Engagement. While they all have the best intentions at heart, as the old adage goes, that road only leads to one fiery place. Often times, these companies will hold events where all (or most) Employees are offered free meals or a monthly 5 à 7 or Happy Hour, or some kind of monetary prize from raffles or contests. While these kinds of initiatives can be motivating for a staff that is already engaged, putting these types of activities into effect before the culture has already been established will do nothing but lead to frustrations. In some cases, simply because not enough effort was put into the activities and the company resorts to offering up cash prizes to Employees, and that, we already know is not nearly as effective as tangible gifts, and down the line can even hinder an Employees engagement.

When it comes to fostering these kinds of frustrations within a company environment, not only do the frustrations filter top-down from upper management, but they are bottom-up as well which can effectively kill any kind of business efficacy. Before any of the aforementioned initiatives need to be initiated, Employers MUST learn about their Employees, and really interact with them on a level that places importance on what the Employees find valuable. Regardless of the size of the company, platforms from a company like Applauz can greatly increase employee engagement and help really stimulate your business growth.

Employee Engagement

From an employer perspective, the most important thing to always keep top-of-mind is that if you do invest in your Employees, there are three things that will happen. First, your employees will become much more engaged and motivated to come to work and go that extra mile that all Employers are looking to get from their Employees. Secondly, motivated Employees will provide much better client satisfaction; again, as previously mentioned, they will go the extra mile to ensure that all interactions are “client-centric”. Finally, all this will result in your business’s bottom line increasing, not only recovering the cost you would have had to spend on getting your Employees actively engaged, but oftentimes, your profits will dwarf and surmount anything you could spend on the initiatives.

For Employers out there who are looking to create a client-centric atmosphere, or simply have their business become more successful, reflect first on how you treat your Employees, as soon as they are taken care of, your business will quickly follow suit.