Best Practices

The 5 Best Ways to Kick Start Your Employee Engagement!

  1. Create an Encompassing and Engaging Work Culture and Community Employee Work Culture
    1. Your employees can’t simply “Like” working for your business, they have to “LOVE” it. While offering a sustainable wage for employees is important, the fundamental aspect to creating any kind of environment a person can love is creating a system where employees can learn, expand on their knowledge, and continuously be challenged. With this moving forward it will allow you to get to know your employees more personally, not turning them into numbers but valuable team members
  2. Lead, Don’t Manage Leaders not Managers
    1. Leaders understand that they set examples for their employees. With transparent communication, allowing employees to approach leaders with ideas, and making them feel as though their word and opinions matter creates a partnership that undeniably creates Employee Engagement. Managing vs Leading accounts for 70% of the variance in Employee Engagement.
  3. Give your Employees Responsibility Employee Responsibility

    1. Giving employees responsibility is an action that has multiple benefits to an employer.
      1. First, granting ownership to employees empowers them to make decisions that they were hired for and, they should be experienced in. This will allow them to excel in their actions
      2. Secondly, by giving hem trust, they will, in turn, trust their leadership, and begin giving more discretionary effort due to this new relationship
      3. Giving a sense of ownership to employees allows them to feel as though the company is as much theirs as anyone else’s. This tends to inspire a lot more care and dedication, which again are motivating factors
  4. Poll your Employees Employee Polls
    1. One of the best ways to figure out how your Employee Engagement processes are doing is simply by asking them! Not only will you be able to learn how you’re doing, but you can also send our pulse questionnaires to figure out how to best engage your employees with what activities and gestures they want!

  5. Implement an Employee Recognition Platform  Employee Recognition Platform Applauz
    1. A recognition program like Applauz Recognition will help you recognize and reward your employees for their valuable efforts. Given that Applauz is a free software for up to 10 employees, means you can be sure that the majority of your employee recognition budget is spent on recognizing your employees.