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The Easiest (and Most Fun) Way to Engage Your Employees


You probably already know it, but it’s still worth repeating: 85% of global employees are disengaged. Behind this statistic, we’re talking about lots of damaging issues millions of companies are facing around the world. Between productivity loss, decrease in retention, performance, revenue, and rise in absenteeism, to name only a few, employee disengagement has been a long-time thorn in most companies’ sides.

But what if there was one easy and fun way to effectively improve employee engagement and retention? Well, according to the famous employee and recruitment agency Randstad U.S., there’s one.

And we already love it.

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Engage and Retain Your Employees With…

Sports! That’s quite a surprise, admittedly. Although sports events at the office are usually perceived as productivity killers, a March 2018 Randstad U.S. survey revealed that 79 percent of employees believe that sporting events at work “greatly improve their levels of engagement at work.” What’s more, the study reveals that 73 percent of workers admit that they’re looking forward to going to work more when office sports bracket contests like tournaments are organized.

According to Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute, participating to or watching sports events at the office are “things that engaged people at work and can make people feel like they’re part of something that’s a little bigger than just getting the job done”.

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The Long-Term Benefits

The Randstad survey also revealed that  89 percent of employees said that participating in activities such as office pools boost morale and “help build team camaraderie”. In fact, sporting events are a great way for employees to bond with their colleagues, build community and foster trust.

While it’s true that such activities can temporarily decrease employee productivity, the benefits of sporting events outweigh its disadvantages in the long run. This is, at least, the conclusion of Jim Link, Chief Human Resource Officer at Randstad North America:

While many employers fear a loss of productivity due to the distraction of office pools during the college basketball tournament season, our findings suggest the potential short-term distraction in the office may actually be a win for employee morale, engagement, and satisfaction in the long-term.

Too bad we have to wait another four years for the next World Cup…

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