Toxic Corporate Culture Needs Changing


Today’s work climate is very much in favour of employees. As such, there are a few things companies need to begin instituting within their own organizations in order to retain talent but also create and align their brand with having a good reputation.

Today, because of the ubiquity of social media and the incredible ease with which people have access to mass publishing mediums like Twitter and Facebook, whistleblowing, and the potential for public corporate shaming exists at the touch of a button. What’s more, these rants can be amplified exponentially within the social sphere simply by “sharing” a tweet or Facebook post. Businesses are now more than ever at risk of losing control of their corporate messaging and ultimately their bottom line.

Proper work environments; ensuring your business measures up to the expectations of its employees is key, especially as unemployment levels are the lowest they’ve been in years while employee attrition rates are similarly at their highest.

Take for instance, the case of Idris Ali, a former service rep with Bell Canada, or that of the recent Amnesty International scandal both stories are clear examples of stayed institutions with legacy cultures based in antiquated management models. Not only do these kinds of work cultures fail to promote excellence amongst their employees, they’re ultimately guilty of creating the kind of environment that draws in few people, nor likely to recruit the creme of the crop. The most qualified employees want to work for businesses which espouse great corporate cultures and offer opportunities for personal growth.

Toxic Manager

Toxic employees in management positions will hinder business results.

A Harvard research study indicates that the cost of incivility among employees, caused 38% of employees to intentionally decrease their quality of work. Now, to take it a step further, imagine a manager is responsible for 10 employees, a reduction of 38% each, is an overall reduction of 380% in work quality. These kinds of numbers speak for themselves, but it is safe to say that toxic employees in positions of power can destroy the production of an overall department.

While implementing systems like the Applauz Employee Engagement software can help create engagement amongst employees, ensuring that you have the right employees hired to set examples and properly support your front-line workers is essential. One of the best ways your leadership can really drive your business is through exemplifying Authentic Leadership. Leaders who begin emphasizing the importance of their staff, and putting their needs and wants first, will note a significant increase in production and customer satisfaction. You can read more on how to motivate your staff through leadership here.

At Engagement Trends, we firmly believe that employees are the lifeblood of any business, and in order for your business to perform at its absolute best, treating them well is extremely important, if not the utmost significant aspect of a company. Regardless of whether your business is an SMB or large organization, placing the importance on where it belongs will make any business not only succeed but withstand the test of time. If any employees do need to inform CBC about issues within the workforce, we urge you to contact Erica Johnson or visit here to submit your issue.


Toxic Employee