Why Client Centricity is all about Employees


As we all know, any successful business ensures all customers are happy, properly serviced, and feel appreciated. While there are many ways to build this kind of client-facing business model, it’s been proven repeatedly that creating a happy work environment for your employees will always filter down to your clientele creating better business relationships. Ultimately increasing your business’ bottom line.

Spending a little money on the well-being, health, and engagement of employees is a sure-fire way to help your overall business’s performance. As a recent study on Employee satisfaction explains: “The American Psychological Association estimates that [there is] more than $500 billion lost every year due to workplace stress. (Thompson 2018)

Employee Satisfaction



 “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant





Keeping people engaged both in their daily job functions and work-life are two of the biggest ways in which employers can get their employees involved in their work. Everything from offering benefits, to more responsibility are key methods to passively and actively create the kind of engagement your business needs to really maximize client satisfaction and retention.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged will save your company a substantial portion of that $500 Billion dollars that unhappy employees are costing companies yearly. While this figure is from a 2013 study, Aon’s 2018 study of Employment Engagement Trends indicates that an increase in Employment Engagement and interest in developing their professional skills and responsibilities leads to an overall increase in a company’s bottom line.

The take away is that if you want to turn your business into a venture that is truly “Client-Centric”, then focusing on your employees rather than your clients is the first step. Once your employees are satisfied with their work environment (you’ll be able to find tips on how to get your employees to become more engaged here), they will, in turn, take care of your clients and go that extra mile to keep them satisfied and returning.